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Gallbladder Surgery VIDEO

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What peoples says:

Had my GB removed a week ago. Pain lasted a few days but nothing that paracetamol couldn't deal with. Still have the staples which should be removed in 3 days from now. I didn't want this operation but after 4 seizures my wife got fed-up with taking me to the emergency services in the middle of the night and insisted I take the doctor's advice. Feel much better now! Glad I had it done.
If you have a GB stone/s causing you trouble, don't hesitate, just get it done.
had mine done on wednesday. was very sore for 1 day, then the wind trapped inside my body wasa bit awefull. but after just 3 days i can say i am allready feeling alot better. no longer feel like i have poison running through my vaines and feel alot more happy in myself. if in pain get it done. good luck.

Before you consider doing this operation you should find out what happens when you no longer have this important organ. You need to be rid of the STONES, not the gallbladder. This can be done simply at home with nothing more than epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit. I had a severe attack of gallstones but refused surgery and got the stones out myself. I am 100% recovered. Google liver cleanse if you want to know more.

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