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Alcoholic liver causes

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Alcoholic liver causes or alcoholic liver disease is represented by a nonspecific total morphological lesion associated with clinical / paraclinical manifestation, among which some are induced by the abuse of alcohol.
Prevalence: alcoholic liver varies from country to country depending on the tradition, religion and especially on the cost of the alcoholic drinks in comparison with the income.

Alcoholic liver causes: excessive alcohol consumption has varied effect on organisms. Due to some unknown cause, 1/3 of chronic consumers of alcohol do not have hepatic consequences.
1. Duration and consumption of alcohol, it is considered that 60-80 ml of absolute alcohol/day for men and 40-50 ml of absolute alcohol women as a toxic dose. The duration of consumption is also important, a consumption of more than 5 years is considered as a risk. Continous consumption is more dangerous than intermittent consumtion. As well, hepatic injury does not depend on the type of drink but in this alcohol content.
2. Gender: females are more susceptible than men are, because at the same quantity of alcohol ingested reach a higher blood concentration. In women, gastric metabolism is reduced comparing to men and cytochrome P450 is less efficient.
3. Genetic factors: although no genetic markers has proved to have a clear association with susceptibility to alcoholism, seems to inherit certain behavior related to the alcohol consumpion.
4. Coinfection with hepatic viruses (B or C) accelerates the severity of the alcoholic liver disease.
5. Nutritional factors: protein caloric malnutrition precedes alcoholism in patients with socio-economic level leading to the appearance of alcoholic liver. It has been proved that healthy diet may protect those who consume alcohol, at least for a period.

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